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Welcome to the 15-Week Plan.  For the next 15 weeks, you will be provided with exciting and delicious weekly meal plans.  

Each plan is designed to include easy to prepare budget conscious meals.  

I hope you are feeling super pumped and ready to undertake this 15 weeks, adhering closely to the meal plans will make your life a whole lot easier and tastier.

Each weekly plan and shopping list will be released with the following week as well, so you are ready to download, and do your shopping and any pre-preparation of the weeks meals that you would prefer to prepare ahead of schedule. 

Meal plans have been based low on net carbs and allow you to add a little more to your meal if you feel that you need it.

A ketogenic diet is always best followed when you eat only when you are hungry, and only until you are satiated.  Gone are the “tradition” of breakfast, lunch and dinner times.  Listen to your body and it will tell you when you need to eat.

Mad Creations Green eggs Benedict

The menus have been made to keep you amazed at the variety and abundance of flavour that can be enjoyed whilst on a ketogenic diet.  Many of the meals can be made for multiple serves and frozen for those of us who are far too busy to be cooking or preparing meals each day.  

This 15 Week plan is yours to print and keep.  So should you eat far less than all the recipes included you can simply print off the recipes, meal planners and weekly plans for use another week.

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Simple and easy
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keto desserts

All meals have been supplied with macro nutrients calculated.  These calculations have been performed by the Word Press Recipe Maker plugin.  These numbers should only be used as a guide, as many recipe components, are not equal or able to be calculated perfectly.  For those of you following a higher carb content please try and fill them with low carb vegetables.


I hope you enjoy the meals within the meal plan and find a lot happiness and vitality while on the program.  For more support and community chat about the plan, the keto life, and questions please request to join our closed group on Facebook.  Click here to request to join.  If you name is different than your membership then please let me know win the questionnaire. 


xo Meg

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