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Best Keto Summer Recipes

Check out our collection of the very best keto summer recipes. Dave has put together some of our favourites that we enjoy through the summer months. Using seasonal produce, light salads, or meals that can be enjoyed alfresco. Not to say that we can’t enjoy our best keto summer recipes in the winter. I still enjoy a nice fresh salad or even ice cream when it is pretty damn cold here. Anyway, these round ups are here to help you find some great recipes fast or print and keep handy for when you need to flick through and find some keto cooking inspiration. If you have any suggestions for any

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Best Keto Chocolate Recipes

What better way to celebrate World Chocolate Day with a round up of our best keto chocolate recipes on the website! I didn’t even realise we had so many until I put the list for Dave to post for you.  From delicious new treats like Chocolate Bavarian Pie, Chocolate Brownies and a brand new Easy Keto Chocolate Fudge we certainly have spread the chocolate love.  I do hope you enjoy our best keto chocolate recipes and if you have any suggestions for what we have missed and should create a keto version of then post it in the comments below. Of course we have loads of other chocolate recipes throughout

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Better than Takeout Asian Keto Recipes

20 Better than Takeout Asian Keto Recipes that every ketoer can enjoy.  Following the ketogenic diet is far from boring or limiting in our meal choices. If anything I find I am now eating a much more balanced diet than ever before.  The recipe round ups I have been putting together are great for those of you looking for keto recipes or even for beginners keto meal planning. Well at least I think so lol. I love the idea that in one post you can find a bundle of great recipes. Way less trolling the internet or the website. Later in the year I will more than likely release an

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Winter Keto Recipes | 40 of our best

With the weather getting so much colder here in Australia, I thought we should put together a collection of some of our best winter keto recipes for you.  Dave has been working most of the day to put together this fabulous collection of winter warmers that will be a welcome addition to any Keto meal plans. It looks like this winter we will have a load more keto recipes coming your way. I have my Instant Pot coming all the way from Spain so I can really get into some keto slow cooking recipes and pressure cooking in the kitchen. It should be loads of fun as I learn how

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Keto Pantry Essentials | Keto ingredients

This list of keto pantry essentials not only includes many of the ingredients we use every week to create delicious keto meals it also includes many of my recipe favourites.  Whether you cook from the website or from my keto cookbooks you will know that there are just a few ingredients that cannot be sourced from the local supermarket. So i just decided to list them all here for you. I have several suppliers I use for the ingredients below. Some of which I am affiliated and many that I am not. In the interest of sharing local business as well as a couple of international suppliers that can save

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365 Meal Plan eBooks

The 365 Meal Plan eBooks are a series I am working on cinverting for you all.  All meal plans will be provided with  3 meals per day shipping list plan print-ready recipes These eBooks are a print-saving version of the ones I now have available for non members to purchase in store. I have made these eBooks with you in mind and as per our vote on Facebook they are offered to you with only a small image of each recipe to view online and to save on ink when printing. All macros are provided with international labels. Meaning you do need to subtract the fibre from the total carbohydrates

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Winter keto recipes 3 keto soups in bowls

Keto Soup Recipes Roundup

It is that time of year where a keto soup recipe round up will be welcome I am sure.  I have just reached for my jumper so the chill is definitely in the air and soup on my mind. Personally I am a massive soup fan. I love eating it and making it. Creating keto soup recipes is not too difficult and I love being able to grab whatever is in the fridge that needs to be used up and making soup. Anyway, here is a selection of some of our finest. I hope you find a few recipes that will slot into your keto meal planning and become family

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Mid Week Meals

In need of some mid week meal inspiration? Here are some of our favourite mid week meals that are quick, easy and nutritious. This recipe round up includes many recipes that the whole family can enjoy each week. Have dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less, or set the slow cooker to do all the work. Use these recipes to help meal plan for the month or restock the freezer for busier times. Bacon and Mushroom Keto Pasta Fettuccine Keto pasta is a fabulous mid week meal! I am so happy to discovered this super low carb keto pasta that seriously tastes and has the texture of real

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Weeknight Chicken Dinners | Keto recipes

It seems weeknight chicken dinners are a big favourite among the Mad Creations tribe. Whenever I ask you for recipe suggestions or your favourite meals it seems that chicken reigns supreme in many keto households. Personally I love a the versatility of chicken and its ability to soak up flavours and be used across so many different cultures to create fabulous meals. Chicken is great for everything from a soup, fry up, curry, poaching, salad, or my favourite Mexican weeknight chicken dinners. Here is but a few of the many chicken recipes I have written over the past year or more. I hope you can find some great recipes to

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Keto Success Story | Nikki Mahoney

Nikki Mahoney is a true keto success story.  You can see just from the smile on Nikki’s face that the keto lifestyle has made her all the more happier. An incredible 60kgs gone and a swag of improved health benefits has all come from following the ketogenic diet.  Read how Nikki came to learn about the keto diet and how she changed her lifestyle with support of friends and family members. Thank you Nikki for sharing part of your journey with us. WHERE DID YOU FIRST HEAR ABOUT THE KETO LIFESTYLE? At the start of 2017 two of my friends started on their own Keto journey. My best friend told

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