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Looks design - Guest Blogger

Looksee Design – freelance graphic design

As part of giving back to those who have worked with me or for me I will be featuring them on the website as a thank you, and to help other bloggers find some fabulous help when needed.  Retta, from Looksee Design helped design my new logo for 365 and I seriously couldn’t be happier with the outcome and the design. Retta worked tirelessly to create design for me that I would love and trust me I didn’t make it easy for her.  My new logo pictured below captures how sunny (and 70’s) I feel plus the continuous flow of 365 days a year and my new lifestyle “program” for

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Mad Creations Books

Mad Creations Recipe Collection

To make it easier for everyone to find what is in each of the cookbooks and be able to make an easier purchase selection I thought I would put together this post with a bit about each one.  I hope this makes your choice easier. Currently there is 13 titles at the time of writing this post (Sexy in Seven is not keto though)  The books are available on both this website in the store, or on a separate site at  I have used 2 separate areas so that I can always have a backup if something goes wrong with the site.  In the Shopify store I also have

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Keto Happy Life

Finding Happiness in The Keto Life

To help inspire you all I am going to let you know where I am at personally. While I have not been as open so far, I think it is time you all get to know me a little better and know how I too, have lost and GAINED following the keto lifestyle. This is not easy for me to admit as I really hated being the size that I was. While I had no idea eating fat was the way to go, regardless of anything I was overweight for more than just the reasons of insulin resistance. I think it started with that and then a kind of self loathing

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Mad Creations Sukrin Recipes #ketodesserts #sukrinsweetener

Mad Creations Sukrin Recipes

Sukrin Sweet Delights A quick link to find all the Sukrin recipes on Mad Creations Hub.  This sweetener allows you to create many recipes with ease that work 100% of the time.  For many you, you will find that you are easily able to convert your family favourite recipes with Sukrin Gold.  The fibre syrups can replace honey, golden syrup, maple syrup and glucose syrup in many recipes.  The Sukrin Gold Sweetener is a perfect replacement for brown sugar with a 1:1 ration swap. I hope you enjoy the many recipes included on the site and coming out soon!  I will continue to add more Sukrin recipes as I make

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measuring waist

Measure Twice Cut Once – Tracking YOUR Keto Transformation

Measure Twice Cut once – what the hell do I mean? One of the most motivational things I have done during my time following a ketogenic lifestyle is measuring myself from the beginning.  Now I did happen to not start this until Week 2 because I realised after my first week that this was really working for me with a 3.5kg loss! Trust me if you want to lose weight and plan on weighing yourself, you will love checking your measurements and seeing the centimetres lost each week.  When you add them all up it will leave you feeling very happy with yourself and spur you on all the more.

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Sweeteners. Which is the right choice for you?

This post is bought to you by Christine Ladewig. Whether you are following the ketogenic lifestyle for weight loss, insulin resistance, inflammation or general well being, the basis of this way of eating is to control blood sugar levels and minimise insulin responses.  Insulin responses result in the physiological highs and lows we experience when consuming sugar and other carbohydrates. We crave the highs so we feed the lows more and more sugar to try to maintain them.  A first major step in going keto is to cut all refined (white/brown) sugar.  It’s a huge step, and its very difficult for some!  It means making things from scratch rather than relying

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Mad Creations Starting the Ketogenic Diet - 3 Simple Rules #startingketo #ketogenicdiet #healthyeating

Starting the Ketogenic Diet – 3 Simple Rules

What is a Ketogenic Diet? What is a ketogenic diet?  I think you may have some idea otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this right? Essentially a ketogenic (keto) diet is a diet very low in carbohydrates forcing the body to use fat for energy.  The limiting of carbohydrates (<20g per day)  causes the body to produce ketones which helps  While energy levels differ from one persons needs to another it is basically a ratio of 60-75% fat, 25-30% protein and 5-10% carbs.  Sounds simple right?  So why do we all get so confused?   How to Get Started How I got started on the Keto Diet. I got started

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Breakfast Quesadillas made with fathead dough and the Aldi Ambiano Quesadilla maker

Aldi Quesadilla Maker Review PLUS bonus Keto Quesadilla Recipe

I bought myself an Aldi Quesadilla maker to test out a few cooking ideas and I have fallen in love with this little machine. It is so easy to use, and SOOOO easy to clean, which is a huge bonus in my opinion. So far I have made some “nude” quesadillas (basically omelette style) and a few fathead quesadillas as well.  They have all come out beautiful and I love the serving size portions as it makes it very easy to calculate more accurate macros. Today I shot a video of me cooking the fathead quesadillas and it is hilarious.  A comedy of errors and definitely showing you that I

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Health Changes

My Feature in Whimn My Body & Soul

Very recently I had a feature in an edition of Whimn My Body + Soul.  I thought I would share the article with you all so you get to know me a little more personally and how I came to be on a Keto diet.   While all the facts aren’t 100% accurate (some things always seem to get lost in translation) it is still a pretty good article to address many health issues that us women (and men) can have. I am far from a whinger and a whiner.  I have just blasted through a lot of shit in my life, but I have always been extremely lucky to have

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Guest Blogger Krissi Koch

Guest Blogger Krissi Koch

Hey there! I’m Krissi, I am from Germany. Since June, 2015 I live with sweet little Pillow (my dog’s name) in the sunny California. What I love? Flowers, writing on handmade paper, cup of tea (5 times a day), the smell of the air after a rainy day, freshly baked bread and coffee (a lot of it). But most importantly, I am totally addicted to good, fresh and homemade FOOD. My first and last thoughts every day are food related. I can’t help but wonder about what I’ll have for lunch while I am eating breakfast. I love to dedicate most of my time, developing recipes, cooking, plating & taking

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