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Keto Getting Started – Keeping it easy

At any point in any editorials on this website or my books, I refer to this way of eating as a diet  I am using it only in the meaning of the word. “Diet – the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats” Keto is an eating style I began to help reduce my insulin resistance and heal a fatty liver, it is now the kind of food “diet” I will eat for life. I really only want to say one thing to you about starting out a keto lifestyle – KEEP IT SIMPLE! If I gave you a list of a hundred things to do

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Food lists

Keto Food Lists – What Can I Eat

For your convenience, I have added 4 food lists here for easy reference or to print off and keep on your fridge. Focus on the Green or Blue List only, and unless it is included on that list, or in the meal plan don’t eat it.  This list is made up of foods that are very low in carbs, is a quick reference guide to low carb ingredients. If you have a food item you want to eat and they are not on the list then look closely at any nutritional labels or search for their carbohydrate value on apps and programs like These apps make it easier

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Australias Superstar Bloggers Guest Blogger Post

Australia’s Superstar Bloggers List

I take great delight in sharing some of our very talented blogging SUPERSTAR’s that we have in Australia.  Each week I will continue to add more bloggers for you to discover.  With a brief bio and links to their recipes and sites I hope you find many more creative minds to enjoy. As a blogger myself I am very aware of the time invested into each and every recipe, photograph and post that you see on every website you frequent.  You may not think about it when you are flicking through Pinterest or sites online but some one, has created that recipe, cooked it (and not just once) photographed it,

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Looks design - Guest Blogger

Looksee Design – freelance graphic design

As part of giving back to those who have worked with me or for me I will be featuring them on the website as a thank you, and to help other bloggers find some fabulous help when needed.  Retta, from Looksee Design helped design my new logo for 365 and I seriously couldn’t be happier with the outcome and the design. Retta worked tirelessly to create design for me that I would love and trust me I didn’t make it easy for her.  My new logo pictured below captures how sunny (and 70’s) I feel plus the continuous flow of 365 days a year and my new lifestyle “program” for

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Mad Creations Keto Cookbook Collection Keto & LCHF Cookbooks

Keto Recipe Cookbook Collection

This has got to be Australia’s largest keto collection of cookbooks by any one author…. Doe you know anyone with more? To make it easier for everyone to find what is in each of the cookbooks and be able to make an easier purchase selection I thought I would put together this post with a bit about each one.  I hope this makes your choice easier. Today, January 13th I thought it was time to do a little update on the selection of books available in store. Everyday I have questions about each one and this makes it just a little easier for you to have a quick over view

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Keto Happy Life

Finding Happiness in The Keto Life

To help inspire you all I am going to let you know where I am at personally. While I have not been as open so far, I think it is time you all get to know me a little better and know how I too, have lost and GAINED following the keto lifestyle. This is not easy for me to admit as I really hated being the size that I was. While I had no idea eating fat was the way to go, regardless of anything I was overweight for more than just the reasons of insulin resistance. I think it started with that and then a kind of self loathing

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Mad Creations Sukrin Recipes #ketodesserts #sukrinsweetener

Mad Creations Sukrin Recipes

Sukrin Sweet Delights A quick link to find all the Sukrin recipes on Mad Creations Hub.  This sweetener allows you to create many recipes with ease that work 100% of the time.  For many you, you will find that you are easily able to convert your family favourite recipes with Sukrin Gold.  The fibre syrups can replace honey, golden syrup, maple syrup and glucose syrup in many recipes.  The Sukrin Gold Sweetener is a perfect replacement for brown sugar with a 1:1 ration swap. I hope you enjoy the many recipes included on the site and coming out soon!  I will continue to add more Sukrin recipes as I make

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measuring waist

Measure Twice Cut Once – Tracking YOUR Keto Transformation

Measure Twice Cut once – what the hell do I mean? One of the most motivational things I have done during my time following a ketogenic lifestyle is measuring myself from the beginning.  Now I did happen to not start this until Week 2 because I realised after my first week that this was really working for me with a 3.5kg loss! Trust me if you want to lose weight and plan on weighing yourself, you will love checking your measurements and seeing the centimetres lost each week.  When you add them all up it will leave you feeling very happy with yourself and spur you on all the more.

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Sweeteners. Which is the right choice for you?

This post is bought to you by Christine Ladewig. Whether you are following the ketogenic lifestyle for weight loss, insulin resistance, inflammation or general well being, the basis of this way of eating is to control blood sugar levels and minimise insulin responses.  Insulin responses result in the physiological highs and lows we experience when consuming sugar and other carbohydrates. We crave the highs so we feed the lows more and more sugar to try to maintain them.  A first major step in going keto is to cut all refined (white/brown) sugar.  It’s a huge step, and its very difficult for some!  It means making things from scratch rather than relying

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