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Mad Creations Best Aussie Keto Recipes #glutenfree #grainfree_

Best Aussie Keto Recipes – Your Faves made Keto

Dave and I have put together a great selection of what we think are our best Aussie Keto recipes. Some of these recipes are our favourites and many are very popular with you too. At the time of writing this Australia Day is just around the corner. This is a time that many Aussie’s are getting together with friends and/or family and having a barbie and a few family favourite recipes. So this list of our Aussie Keto recipes might just come in handy. While I am currently working on a couple of new projects it is my intention to bring out an Aussie Keto Cookbook later this year which

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Breads with title banner running through it

Best Keto Bread Recipes | LCHF

With so many keto bread recipes on the Mad Creations site which one do you choose? Just like the rows at the supermarkets of every different kind of bread I have tried my best at making many varieties that allow you to find your favourites. Keto bread can come in all kinds of shapes, taste and styles. I hope you enjoy this little collection I have put together before I trial some new ones to add to the website over the coming weeks and months. Aptly titled the Best Keto Bread this recipe despite having a lot of eggs does not taste eggy at all. The eggs and use of

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Small Business Spotlight Pompin Bleu

Small Business Spotlight | Pompin Bleu

In my lifetime I have worked in positions within industries helping those who are small business owners to help promote or coach how to make into a profitable business. It was always joyous seeing businesses grow and the confidence of both the men and women running their own businesses blossom. Even today I am very much a small business supporter, especially when I have one of my own. One way that I can continue to support small business owners is by helping share them with you and my growing social media platform. Todays business feature is Pompin Bleu and the delightful Wendy Holderness. Wendy approached me recently after watching my

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Mad Creations 20 low carb keto egg recipe #ketodiet #eggfast #eggrecipes

15 Easy Low Carb Keto Egg Recipes

Eggs are the one true superfood in my opinion. Here I have put together a recipe roundup for you of some great meals that are not only low in carbohydrates but they are all big on flavour and super easy for you to replicate. Egg meals are fabulous for any time of the day, they store well in the fridge and freezer, and fabulous in the kids lunchboxes. This collection is from but a few of my fellow bloggers to give you just a little variation of cooking techniques, flavour profiles, and methods.  I love finding great ideas for new ways to cook eggs, I find it quite funny that

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Mad Creations Christmas Keto Recipes Ideas

Keto Christmas Recipe Ideas – you tell me

So I am working on keto Christmas recipes next week and boy do I need your help! It has been an “age” since I did a whole big Christmas cook up and I want to make some fab recipes that we can all use come the “silly season”. I need loads of inspiration for keto Christmas blog recipes, some for our opening mag in December for Keto Life Magazine and for Just Cook Magazine, PLUS my FREE Advent Calendar if you are lucky enough to have purchased a copy of Keto Eats between Oct 11-23rd, 2018. LEARN MORE ABOUT KETO EATS I would love it if you could comment below

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Mad Creations Free 14 Day Meal Plan

Free 14 Day Keto Meal Plan

How to use this plan!  All recipes in the plan have been calculated for 2 people for the shopping list.  If cooking for more or less simply multiply or divide. If a recipe link shows serving for 1 use the slider to change to 2 serves. Below you can easily print off the shopping list and a menu plan of each week.  Each recipe has a view or print tab.  If you wish to just follow the recipes online just click view recipe and you can follow each recipe in simple steps in both Thermomix and conventional methods where suitable.  Each recipe can be printed and kept for your sole

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Mad Creations Keto Challenge Package

Support, Meal Plans and FREE eBook Challenge Package

I am very pleased to announce that the shopping cart is now open on my 13 week challenge!  This is your opportunity to get in early with an EXTRA 2 weeks of meal plans, 6 fabulous eBooks, and access to weekly meal plans for 15 weeks all for a super bundle price. Join the 365 today.   365 is the ONLY Aussie Low Carb/Keto website complete with a huge recipe index, meal plans, and nutritional macros for every recipe. I am offering this very limited offer for a short time. When we all start out we can use help and guidance along the way.  Also for those of you struggling for

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Sharing Success Stories-Natusha Joy

Sharing Success Stories -Natusha Joy

Where do you first hear about the keto lifestyle? A dietitian in 2017 What did you think about eating fat to lose weight? I was so scared. I was sure that in the first week of eating cream, nuts, cheese, bacon and avocado I’d be the size of a house. I remember talking about it with my work friends and expressing how adding fat to my diet goes against everything I’d trained myself to do. Tell me a little about yourself and why you decided to make a change to your health and change to a keto lifestyle? I’ve always been the overweight kid.   Weight issues run in my family

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Mad Creations Bekah Anne

Sharing Success Stories – Bekah Anne

This is my first post in a series of interviews with people that are following a ketogenic lifestyle to improve physical and mental health.  I am not sure about you but I am always strongly motivated by reading REAL peoples stories of struggles and success and seeing the before and after pictures as well.  I remember many years ago when I tried Weight Watchers and would always buy the magazines, flip straight to the back read all the success stories, and then read the featured “loser” haha.  This really did inspire me a great deal.  Even now as a member of a LOT of keto FB groups and pages I

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Mad Creations Pork Kebabs with spiced vinegar and salad #gettingstarted #savour #ketodiet

Keto Getting Started – Keeping it easy

At any point in any editorials on this website or my books, I refer to this way of eating as a diet  I am using it only in the meaning of the word. “Diet – the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats” Keto is an eating style I began to help reduce my insulin resistance and heal a fatty liver, it is now the kind of food “diet” I will eat for life. I really only want to say one thing to you about starting out a keto lifestyle – KEEP IT SIMPLE! If I gave you a list of a hundred things to do

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