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This Post Has 17 Comments

  1. Thank you.

  2. Hi there
    I tried to join up but the country option only allows Australia. The drop down has Australia with a tick and no other options.
    I assume this is not limited to Australia? I am from NZ.

    1. Hi Sian, no there is no country limit. I will have a look at the settings and fix shortly for you.

  3. Hi Megan
    I have joined for the monthly club as it was the only option I could find. I would like to cancel and join this instead. How do I do that
    Cheers Denise

  4. Hi Megan
    I did as said on your email and cancelled my subscription. Tried to renew it and that is what it tells me:

    This product has already been purchased and has an active subscription

    Do I have to wait for a while or cancel the membership in PayPal as well?
    Thanks Rosmarie

    1. Hi Rosmarie, yes you need to cancel the auto payment first. Have you worked it out as I can help you with steps if needed.

  5. I would like to purchase the annual $127 option but when I go to checkout it states I’m subscribed? I only want to pay the one off payment? Thanks

  6. Hi Megan
    I’m trying to rejoin as per your offer
    New phone and no emails transferred, how do I get the special renewal price please? Trying to charge $127 not the special price.
    Husband thinks your beef recipe is the best and I can’t make enough of the protein bars for him, amazing recipes, can’t wait till 4 week Ebook is here.
    Thanks Henriette

    1. Hi Henriette, I will email you the offer again.

  7. Hi Megan
    Will you offer this $127 on after payment?

  8. Hi Megan I’m trying to join via your offer … I’ve cancelled my membership and auto payment via PayPal however still getting message that I’ve already joined and have an active subscription?

    1. HI Sonya, yes just cancel it and re-subscribe. It will add to the current expiry date and you will be good to go.

      1. Sorry Megan, that’s what I’ve done but it won’t allow me to process the payment. I’ve tried all day.

        1. Hi Sonya, have you cancelled your recurring payment from PayPal first?

  9. This looks great. Just wish I could pay weekly! I’d join instantly…

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