Finding Happiness in The Keto Life

Finding Happiness in The Keto Life

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To help inspire you all I am going to let you know where I am at personally. While I have not been as open so far, I think it is time you all get to know me a little better and know how I too, have lost and GAINED following the keto lifestyle.
This is not easy for me to admit as I really hated being the size that I was. While I had no idea eating fat was the way to go, regardless of anything I was overweight for more than just the reasons of insulin resistance. I think it started with that and then a kind of self loathing that lead to a “I don’t care” attitude.
I guess you would count those moments of eating Mcdonalds, or devouring a bag of lollies, drinking wine like water, or having those potato chips with the wine on Friday nights, as the times I self sabotaged myself and only added to my ever expanding waistline (and every other part of me).  It wasn’t healthy, I wasn’t healthy and I was so despairingly far from happy.
I am a firm believer in you do not have to look a certain way, or be a certain weight to be healthy and happy. I just know that I wasn’t healthy or happy, I was far FAR from it!
The way I feel today is something I want others to feel.  Truly I do!
It is strength, happiness, self-belief, focus, freedom, (can I just shout that FREEDOM!!!) joy and self-love
It makes me kind of teary to realise that for many years I haven’t loved anything about myself, in fact I could barely look at myself in the mirror. I hated how I looked, how I felt, and how I know I had even let down a loving partner.  I hated myself more than anything!  Is that to do with vanity? Fuck no! It is to do with how I felt inside, and I truly believe it was the shit I was eating (carbs) that made me feel that way. Trust me when I say while I am a hell of lot skinnier now, than I was 12 months ago, the happiness I feel now started not even 4 weeks into eating low carb. If you ask me, it is all the processed crap, the sugar that was messing not only with my weight but my head as well.
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Let me just say that when I shouted the word FREEDOM above what that actually means to me.

I doubt if it was only me who has felt hopeless, embarrassed, angry and self-hate,  that you need to sit down and put on your underwear.  That putting on a pair of pants not only involved sitting down or using one hand to steady you on the wall while the other held the pair of pants loosely so you could try and lift your foot into the hole and pull up the pants part of the way while you navigated the “should be” simple task of getting your other leg in the other side.  That the fact of going to the toilet required a certain kind of effort to reach certain areas (am I going too far?) I can tell you now that this was something I never thought I would discuss with anyone, or admit to literally 1000s of you reading this.  I know that many of you have suffered the same and worse, and it sucks!  It sucks BIG TIME!

Let’s face it, if you are too big to reach around yourself properly and pull up a pair of pants you have a problem!  So now let’s get back to the freedom bit.  

I can now pull up my pants (a nice little size 12) I can SPRING out of bed, and actually walk like a human (not the Womble’s in my head) or bend down into the “Tupperware cupboard of doom”. 

I can even run half way around the block with Stormy now!  I love the freedom of being able to do simple tasks!  I love being able to go shopping in a department store like David Jones and being able to buy clothes, what’s more the feeling that when I try something on, the sales assistant won’t be thinking “fat chance that will fit”.  I even just  love the freedom of being able to put on something totally daggy (because let’s face it I am a dag) and not look like I am a 3 man tent (the photo below I have 3 layers on the top of me as we were going out and it freezing). Again this is not vanity it is just that I was not happy in my own skin.

Dave and Meg Photo

So how much has “my skin” changed?  How much weight have I really lost.

I am 5ft 9″ when I started (Week 2, as I never weighed myself Week 1)  I weighed 110kgs (242 pounds) I also did measure all parts of my body I could get a tape measure around.  For you to see the changes I have achieved I will add what I am today June 18th, 2018, so you can see the difference.  I would just like to add that while the scales have not changed a huge amount over the past few months my body has lost a lot more centimetres.


110kgs – NOW 77kgs LOST 33kg (70 pounds)


124cm – NOW 94cm LOST 30cm


122.5cm – NOW 99cm LOST 23.5cm

Right Thigh

71cm – NOW 59cm LOST 12cm

Left Thigh

71cm – NOW 59cm LOST 12cm

Right Calf

43cm – NOW 38cm LOST 5cm

Left Calf

43cm – NOW 38cm LOST 5cm

Right Bicep

35.5cm – NOW 30cm LOST 5.5cm

Left Bicep

34.5cm – NOW 30cm LOST 4.5cm


41cm – NOW 36cm LOST 5cm

Bust 123cm – NOW 106cm LOST 17cm

TOTAL centimetres lost = 119.5cm  HOLY SHITBALLS!!! OVER 1 METRE IN FAT GONE!


Happiness with keto

How did I do it?

Simply by planning ahead.  You can follow all the same recipes in any of my books or on the website.  It isn’t rocket science but having some help to get started and making sure you plan to win, you plan not to fail. 

As I said at the beginning of this post, I have found happiness in this way of eating more than I ever thought was truly possible.  I look forward to every day now and what love the freedom and joy keto brings to my life every day. 

If you have a similar experience to share and would love to be featured on here then please comment below or contact me on for a possible feature.

Keto has made me very happy, I hope you are also in full happy mode as well.

xo Megan

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