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Exclusive Content

* Exclusive content

Exclusive content has  been implemented to Members Club with exciting new recipes and blog posts exclusive to members only.  Who doesn’t love having access to some of the best low carb and keto recipes available on the internet.   Enjoy so many more recipes created and uploaded monthly.  These recipes will be provided in a format that you can print off if you want a hard copy to keep in your recipe folder. 

Mad Creations Meal Plans

* Meal Plans

Collect new Meal Plans created by Megan and twice a year challenges to help keep you motivated.

Meal plans are available to view online or print to add to your recipe collections.


* Shopping Lists

Mad Creations Hub runs the WP Recipe Maker Elite plugin which allows you to change the serving sizes, of each recipe and it will update the quantity of each ingredient needed.  You can use a check box to double check your recipe as you are making it or to to provide you with your shopping lists when meal planning.  The plugin will soon include a meal planner.  In the meantime I am going to provide meal plans each month that you can use with the recipes on the site and real food ingredients to stay on track.  Menu planning saves so much on our shopping bills, reducing wastage, and makes for exciting meals at meal “times”.

Live Videos

* Live videos

Oh, the fun I am having on the other side of the camera!  If you want to see me make a fool of myself then you have to watch me live.  With as many tips, tricks, recipes, and cooking methods that I can show to you, I will be doing it.  There will have to be a blooper reel (or two) somewhere!  There will be live QnA with Megan, cooking workshops, and I will of course be taking your requests as to what you would love to see in video. (I will do a video to have ready for launch) or more than one if I can fit them in.

Videos Link :


* Exclusive Members Club discounts on all merchandise

Lastly, but not definitely not the least all Club members get loyalty discounts on ALL products sold by Mad Creations, plus any special offers passed on by affiliated companies. The best part of being a member is all the perks and discounts on all of our new hard copy books, chopping boards and new products as they become available. What it not to love there?

Access to 6 recipe eBooks

You will have get immediate access to 7 FREE eBook downloads to help you fill out your meal plans with your new favourite recipes to try! Total value $159.95 rrp.  Titles include 

  • Keto Life
  • Meal Plan Series 1
  • Meal Plan Series 2
  • Meal Plan Series 3
  • Meal Plan Series 4
  • Meal Plan Series 9
  • Fan Faves

* Q n A with Megan

Join our exclusive Keto Club Members Facebook group to share your experiences with like minded individuals but also have more access with QnA with me every day.

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