Keto Christmas Recipe Ideas – you tell me

Keto Christmas Recipe Ideas – you tell me

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So I am working on keto Christmas recipes next week and boy do I need your help!

It has been an “age” since I did a whole big Christmas cook up and I want to make some fab recipes that we can all use come the “silly season”.

I need loads of inspiration for keto Christmas blog recipes, some for our opening mag in December for Keto Life Magazine and for Just Cook Magazine, PLUS my FREE Advent Calendar if you are lucky enough to have purchased a copy of Keto Eats between Oct 11-23rd, 2018.

Mad Creations Keto Recipes

I would love it if you could comment below and give me any ideas of what recipes you would love to be cooking this Christmas.  Is there any recipes, meal ideas, sweets, or drinks that you would like me to “ketofy”?

My memories of Christmas lunch was always a lot of seafood (I grew up pescatarian) ham and turkey for the meat eaters, oh and roast pork with crackle.  I loved scorched almonds, and the loads of salted nuts that were always out for easy snacking.   Desserts were always a pavlova and a Sarah Lea French Cheesecake.  I don’t think anyone was making Christmas dessert back in my young days moreso just buying them already done, with the exception of the odd trifle.  I loved my grandmothers cookies with their pink icing and hundreds of thousands so I may have to try and crack that recipe in a keto way.

Rums balls were always at someone’s house.  I wasn’t a fan as a kid but I do love the recipe for the ones pictured below.  Get it here>>

Mad Creations Keto Rum Balls

A keto Christmas will be easy for us with simple meat and cheese platters.  This is one of my favourite kind of ways to eat any time of year, but I really want to make recipes for us all that take no time in the kitchen so we can relax and entertain or be entertained on the day.

The platter below and recipes are available in my Mad Christmas eBook, link below

Mad Creations Mad Christmas eBook cover

I have a few ideas and plans for the menu but really would love your input as the recipes I make I want to be ones you will too. 

I am definitely thinking of making my keto vanilla slice recipe available, and I think I will have to include a few favourites like the Lamington Cheesecake that was crazy popular last year.  If you have not made this “very easy” cheesecake then you have to get onto it.  It is so delicious!



Mad Creations Keto Christmas Recipes
Mad Creations Lamington Cheesecake

So please comment below with your ideas for recipes that I can recreate for a special keto Christmas for 2018 and possibly use in one of my projects as well.

I too have my thinking cap on and will have all recipes ready, listed and wanting some testing by the end of the week.  I love the time I get to think up some new modern twists on old favourites and I really think that is a theme I will go with for at least one magazine.

What would you like to eat this keto Christmas?

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  1. Coconut ice was a favourite at Christmas . Is there a sub for condensed milk .
    White Christmas was another very sickly treat my mum used to make at Christmas.
    Plum pudding
    Cherry ripe slice was another favourite
    Frozen Christmas pudding

    1. Yes a keto condensed milk recipe is on the website

  2. Nuts n bolts & something resembling fruitcake – both totally my kryptonite at xmas!

  3. Shortbead cookies, plum pudding and mince pies for Christmas would be great

  4. Deep Fried Crumbed Camembert with a Cranberry/Berry Sauce

  5. Trifle is my favourite Xmas dessert.

  6. I miss gingerbread slice! It’s a Christmas go to in our family and I would love a keto version.

    1. Do you have a recipe of the original for me to play with Katrina?

  7. Xmas cake and fruit mince pies

  8. X,mas cake and fruit mince pies

  9. We always had Pavlova and Trifle

  10. Pavlova, pudding, trifle and custard. Shortbread, some dip and crackers, and salads to go with all the meat.

  11. My Italian mother-in-law used to make these mini pecan tarts at Christmastime when she lived in the U.S. I would love to be able to make a keto version!

    1. Like a Pecan Pie Suzette? I am already thinking of making them.

  12. Stuffing!

  13. Tim Tams!

    1. This will happen!

      1. WOOHOO!! Can’t wait!

  14. Tim Tams!

  15. Stuffing, baked brie, summer punch,

    1. Yes to all of them!

  16. Chocolate ripple log

    Siena panforte

    Spiced fruit mince pies or fruitcake

  17. Gingerbread,shortbread, fruit mince pies (my husband loves them ) plum pudding.

  18. Gingerbread, shortbread, fruit mince pies and plum pudding.

  19. Ginger balls would be awesome ketofied. Ooh and plum pudding with custard. Cassata is also a Christmas tradition in our household.

  20. Keto meringue pillows. I love pink meringue but need sugar free ones! Would it work?

  21. My stepmum made a legendary Rum Custard and I’d love to try a keto version. Hers was a traditional custard with lots of rum and then enriched with pure cream.

  22. Advent calendar ideas

    White Christmas
    Picnic bar

    Nougats ?

    Caramel tart

    Macadamia shortbread cookies

  23. Gingerbread cookies

  24. I’m likely to be tasked with bringing some kind of side to the main event, so would love something that people don’t even realise is keto and will love it!

  25. warm & cold salads/sides .. tiramisu .. pavlova .. trifle .. xmas cake 😊

  26. A keto bailey’s would be amazing!

  27. Pigs in Blankets! (sausages wrapped in bacon), stuffing (with pork), curry buffet with left overs on boxing day.

  28. Gingerbread biscuits, pate, low carb fruit paste (is there such a thing possible?) for those cheese platters

  29. What’s Christmas without a traditional Christmas pudding, custard, and brandy cream.:) I can pull off the cream and custard, but I’ve no idea where to begin with the pudding, given the high carb nature of dried fruits.

  30. How about a good old fashioned stuffing and thick gravy. Oh and Christmas pudding with custard.

  31. Choc ripple log

    Spiced fruit mince pies or fruit cake

    Siena panforte

  32. Keto trifle! Most of our Christmas foods were Portuguese ones but a trifle would always be in the works at someone else’s house!

    1. The Portuguese foods would be way better Nicole

  33. A yummy buttery short bread biscuit and I wonder if you could ketoify the profiterole….
    or what about a croissant 🥐
    Maybe not really Christmassy but I would love a Chicken and Mushroom sausage…

  34. I was shopping in Aldi today looking at the Xmas treats and literately thought to myself wonder if Megan could ketofy the stollen cake and they even had a bag of stollen bites! I picked them up but then put them back lol. Marzipan has got to be keto right 😉

    1. haha! This made me laugh. I have added it to my list of potentials

  35. Stuffing for turkey or chicken

  36. Pavlova would be amazing!

    1. My husband only eats Pav for Xmas instead of pudding…would be good

  37. All of the above 🙂

  38. My mother made the most amaz8ng boiled fruit cake. Would love something that tasted like it. Also some Apricot Balls

  39. Some sort of non potato salad or non scalloped potatoes, a rich turkey gravy, non apple sauce for roast pork and a non cranberry sauce for turkey.

  40. Berry pannacotta
    Raspberry and cream roulade
    Chocolate bread and butter pudding. Could be an advent recipe using cacao bread
    Creme brûlée’s with a berry compote or coulis
    Meringue trifle

  41. Baileys 😂💖

  42. Tiramisu and Gingerbread! Both massive faves at our family Christmas and I’d LOVE keto versions 😍

  43. Gingerbread & shortbread – mains are easy to ‘keto-fy’ but the old Christmas faves are another thing entirely ❤️❤️

  44. what is minced pie and what is so great about it? from Florida so heard of fruit cakes but not pie. is it meat or fruit?

  45. Bread pudding, Pain au chocolat

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