Keto Food Lists – What Can I Eat

Keto Food Lists – What Can I Eat

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What to eat on a ketogenic diet can be confusing for many and that is why keto food lists can be so handy.

For your convenience, I have added my 4 food lists here for easy reference or to print off and keep on your fridge.  

How to get started on the keto diet? 

It isn’t that hard really, especially if you stick to some very basic principles until you get the hang of it. I have made a Green and Blue List of keto friendly foods that are easy to make all different kinds of delicious meals.

These two lists make up the bulk of what I use in my recipes each week. Green List foods include all general low carb foods and spices and condiments. The Blue List I refer to as my close to zero carb list. Made up of mostly ingredients that have zero or very low carbs. Green List foods while low in carb can quickly add up to a meal higher in carbs than you would think if not using a calculator. So just keep it simple.

Mad Creations Keto Green List #ketodiet #greenlist
Mad Creations Close to Zero food lists #ketodiet
Mad Creations Lamb & Haloumi Keto Meatballs in Sugo di Pomodoro in a bowl
Mad Creations Salmon and Vegetables in Foil #ketodiet #ketomeals
Mad Creations Caesar Salad Dressing from the meal plan #ketosalad #lowcarb

The lists also include an Orange and Red List.

The Orange List is for sometimes foods, or maintenance.  The Red List includes foods you shouldn’t eat due to inflammation or high carbohydrate value.

If you are only just starting out on a low carb diet then I cannot recommend enough to just keep it simple. Print off these lists and just eat only when you are hungry. Stay under 20g net carbs daily to remain in a state of ketosis and use your own body and fat for fuel.

When I first started I found this the easiest way to learn and within a week or two was knowing what had carbs and what didn’t so I could track so much easier.  

Ultimately what you eat and how many carbs is up to each individual.  

Keto Orange List
Keto Red List
Mad Creations Seasoned King Fish with bowl of lemon gremolata
Mad Creation Keto Cookbook Collection San Choy Bao
Calculating macros

Personally I do keep my keto lifestyle very simple and just stay under 20g carbs. I dont count calories and I don’t count protein. In saying that I do know the keto food lists well enough to know macros for most foods and can count easily without having to record my daily meal plan or macro intake. If you want to track macros and want an App or site to go to these are two I have used in the past for nutritional calculation for my keto cookbooks and recipes.

These apps make it easier for you to track carbs when you start. Not long after you will know most of your every day items and be able to track without much effort. Using Mad Creations meal plans or the 365 Meal Plans, will take any guess work out, help keep you on target and save time… especially when initially adapting to the keto lifestyle. o



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