Keto Food Lists – What Can I Eat

Keto Food Lists – What Can I Eat

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For your convenience, I have added 4 food lists here for easy reference or to print off and keep on your fridge.  

Focus on the Green or Blue List only, and unless it is included on that list, or in the meal plan don’t eat it.  This list is made up of foods that are very low in carbs, is a quick reference guide to low carb ingredients.

If you have a food item you want to eat and they are not on the list then look closely at any nutritional labels or search for their carbohydrate value on apps and programs like

These apps make it easier for you to track your carbs when you start.  Not long after you will know most of your every day items and be able to track without much effort.  Using this meal plan and others on this site will take any guess work out, help keep you on target and save time… especially when initially adapting to the keto lifestyle.

The lists also include an Orange and Red List.

The Orange List is for sometimes foods, or maintenance.  The Red List includes foods you shouldn’t eat due to inflammation or high carbohydrate value.

If you are only just starting out and want to really learn and track your foods then, please print these lists off and keep them somewhere handy to refer to.  

When I first started I found this the easiest way to learn and within a week or two was knowing what had carbs and what didn’t so I could track so much easier.  

Ultimately what you eat and how many carbs is up to each individual.  

Mad Creations Keto Green List #ketodiet #greenlist
Mad Creations Close to Zero food lists #ketodiet
Keto Orange List
Keto Red List
Mad Creations Crispy Salmon and Green Papaya Salad #ketodiet #easyeats
Mad CReations Carrot Cake Keto Muffins #keto

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