Keto Getting Started – Keeping it easy

Keto Getting Started – Keeping it easy

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At any point in any editorials on this website or my books, I refer to this way of eating as a diet  I am using it only in the meaning of the word.

“Diet – the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats”

Keto is an eating style I began to help reduce my insulin resistance and heal a fatty liver, it is now the kind of food “diet” I will eat for life.

Mad Creations Salmon baked in foil #grainfree #ketogenicdiet #glutenfree #salmon

I really only want to say one thing to you about starting out a keto lifestyle – KEEP IT SIMPLE!

If I gave you a list of a hundred things to do this week how many of them would you remember?  5, 10, 25, 50, all 100?  We all only retain so much, so why make it hard and overwhelming?

When I started a ketogenic diet I focused on pretty much 4 main things.  They were:

1. The Green List of foods I can eat 
2. Counting carbs – staying <20g/day
3. Eating only when hungry
4. Getting enough fat

Following these steps  will help you ease into a keto lifestyle and begin to heal your body, lose any extra weight you have and reduce inflammation.
In my first week I lost 3.5kg by simply following the above.  Just keep it simple everyone!

It doesn’t really matter what your reason is for beginning a keto way of eating, the 4 points above are suitable for everyone and all you need to implement for now.

So let’s get started!

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Mad Creations Mason Jar Curry Chicken Salad

So it’s more than just you at home?

If you are easily tempted by treats in the pantry either give the contents away or pass them on to your family to “hide” out of your sight.  The more your family and housemates are aware of your new lifestyle and support you, the easier the transition will be.
It is time to go right through the pantry and get rid of all those carb-packed processed foods (as well as any out of date pantry items).  Your pantry will probably have a lot more space now as apart from dried herbs, spices and seasonings,  you should avoid all the pre-packaged processed foods.
Fill that space with nuts, seeds, and a few specialty items, like xanthan gum, almond flour, coconut oils and apple cider vinegar.

It is also time to clean out the fridge and fill with keto-friendly foods. 

Plan some pre-cooking time in your week to prepare your fridge with tasty low carb foods ready for when hunger strikes.  The best “fridge-friends” are hard boiled or devilled eggs, eggy muffins, cooked meats, and a crisper full of avocado (haha).

With all meal plans see what you can make ahead or in bulk and freeze for a fuss free week.  The 365 meal plans have been created to try and take out a lot of the guess work and make life easy.  Use them and the huge recipe catalogue complete with macros to make your planning incredibly easy and shopping lists a breeze

one tray meals
less than 5 minutes preparation
breakfast in a jiffy
Thrifty Winter Warmers
instant simple everyday meals
fresh new takes on the classics
show stopping desserts

When starting out on a ketogenic diet you may experience doubts and panic about eating all this fat and affectively turning the “old school” food pyramid on its head! Trust me, even before I considered a keto diet I thought people were absolutely crazy eating all that fat!

When I studied and watched hundreds of hours of videos by doctors and medical professionals across the world, talk about the “why” and “how” of changing your body to burn fat and not carbohydrates, I was seriously blown away!

Eating fat makes perfect sense and the evidence is shown every day.

Macadamia Crusted Lamb Racks #keto #lowcarblamb
Mad Creations Tiramisu

Think about how many people you see on Facebook groups and documentaries with before and after weight loss, blood tests, and reduction or complete cure of Type 2 diabetes.  It is not only unbelievable but SO inspiring!  I personally have lost 30kgs, following a keto lifestyle after years of failure with every diet and form of exercise imaginable.  To have lost this weight in a very short time (7 months) is proof enough to me.  
Fat keeps you fuller longer.  If you are finding that you are hungry between meals add more fat to your plate.  Now, do be careful that all fat doesn’t come from all protein.  Add extra avocado, butter, oils, and fats to the plate.  Once you get the right balance you will be able to go a lot longer without any hunger, and have zero carb cravings.

Great fats to include are
MCT oil 
Rendered animal fats
Coconut oil, olive oil
Fish/fish oil
Avocado or avocado oil
Olive oil
Red Meat
Macadamias or macadamia oil

Keto Sambal Prawns

Eating a diet high in fat eventually leads to a feeling of fullness and satiety for longer periods of time.  Once you settle into eating high fat meals, you will quickly find you are fuller for far longer.  For example I am sure that well before you even contemplated a keto diet, if you ate a big breakfast with bacon, eggs, hollandaise and avocado, you would probably have missed lunch and went all the way to dinner, or at the very least, late afternoon before feeling any hunger.  Well it is the same now and moreso as the carbohydrates are no longer on the plate causing insulin and blood sugar spikes which ultimately lead to increased hunger.

Fasting just becomes a natural progression.  For insulin levels and weight loss, fasting can help immensely.

In the meal plan you will notice that I have left breakfast as “your choice”.  It is very easy to skip breakfast and go straight to “lunch”.  This can give you a fasting time between meals of approximately 16+ hours.  eg. if I ate my dinner at 7pm on Monday and ate my first meal of the day at 11am Tuesday I would have gone 16 hours without food. Eating my other meal within an 8 hour window allows for a 16:8 fasting each day.  You may also hear or see the acronym OMAD this stands for One Meal A Day. Yes this means you only consume one meal a day.  Fasting allows the body to focus on other required processes, such as healing, when it is not digesting foods.

If you only eat when hungry this will become a part of your life naturally. It is not starving yourself, it is using your own fat for fuelling your body.

Mad Creations Crispy Salmon and Green Papaya Salad #ketodiet #easyeats

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