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  1. Hi Megan,
    Sorry to bother you but I am having trouble logging in again. I saved your email from last time I had trouble with my username & password & put it in exactly as you gave it to me but it is not working.
    Can you please help?


  2. Hi Megan,
    Sorry I can’t find the meal plan or recipes! It says I’m already logged in. It’s week two and I haven’t started😢

    1. Hi Linda, If you are logged in as an annual member you should see the meal plans tab on the left side menu.

  3. Hi, I’m logged in as well and cannot access any menu. HELP!!!! 😢

    1. Hi Patrina, Please go to the top menu, select All Members, Annual member, login and then your have access to the members dash. If you mean Menu Plans, you only have access to the week you are up to. So if you joined on August 19th, you have access to Weeks 1-3 at this moment.

  4. have purchased a heap of your recipe books however where they are stores has become corrupted and I thought I had saved them eslewhere too. How can I download the books again. tried but access has expired.

    oh lurve your facebook pages

    1. Hi Shannon, I have resent all the ebooks to you. They should all be good to download and save to ibooks.

  5. Hi Do club members get the new ebook please as I have not received anything Thanks

    1. No Teresa, this eBook is connected with a hard copy and not free for founding members

  6. Hi Megan
    Do you have to be a member to buy your cook books?

    1. No you do not

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