Measure Twice Cut Once – Tracking YOUR Keto Transformation

Measure Twice Cut Once – Tracking YOUR Keto Transformation

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Weight loss
Measure Twice Cut once – what the hell do I mean?

One of the most motivational things I have done during my time following a ketogenic lifestyle is measuring myself from the beginning.  
Now I did happen to not start this until Week 2 because I realised after my first week that this was really working for me with a 3.5kg loss!

Trust me if you want to lose weight and plan on weighing yourself, you will love checking your measurements and seeing the centimetres lost each week.  When you add them all up it will leave you feeling very happy with yourself and spur you on all the more.

We are more than the sum of weight on the scales!  

Remember that each week you are improving your overall health whether those scales move or not.  Our health and happiness is far more important than any number the scales will tell you.

Our bodies change immensely on this way of eating and many weeks can go by without any change on the scales, but trust me when I say the changes to your body ARE happening on the inside and out!  Centimetres can also be lost without any changes showing on the scales. And, YES this is without exercise.

How to measure?

Firstly, you will need a soft measuring tape, a tailors style tape that will happily go round your curves.  While you can choose where you want to measure, I measure and record

* around my neck

* at the meatiest part of each upper arm

* bust (across the nipples for both men and women) make sure the tape is centred around the same section back and front

* around the waist (I go just slightly above the navel so there is no variations)

* around the hips, at the widest area

* at the widest part of each thigh (and yes you may find one is bigger than the other)

* at the widest part of each calf muscle

(If there was an easy way to measure my chins I would have done that, as I now have only one)

Start recording at Week 1 (or now)

Measure each week and record your numbers beside one another, I added my weight at the bottom and a +/- for weight loss and centimetre loss so I can track how I go from week to week and my progressive overall loss.  Measurements may not change each week, but please consider how long it took you to put on that weight.  I am sure you didn’t put it all on overnight so expect to take the time to lose it.  

As someone who has already lost a considerable amount of weight (>30kgs) I have to say there are no stretch marks on my waist or excess skin.  Slow and steady is great.  It is healthy, sustainable and I believe the key to not having a lot of issues with elastin loss and excess skin.

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