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Well most of you now kind of know how l got started on this journey, but what you don’t know since my first blog post, is that I have had a couple more blood tests, and have some significant changes going on already.

While to most people I appear healthy other than a crap load of weight to shed on the inside there have been some health issues that could escalate into worse issues down the track if I had not changed to a keto lifestyle 8 weeks ago. (started end of March 2017)

Let me take you back a bit to how I got here in the first place.

Fat test

Every year for the last 10 years I have just gotten bigger.   I followed the food pyramid, just as most of us have known for most of our lives, since the roll out of this eating plan in 70s.

Plenty of grains were the main diet along with low fat dairy, lean meats, and very little sweets or fats were recommended.  I followed this way mostly and I have had a love/ hate relationship with exercise. but of course on and off, I have done my fair share and was not completely sedentary.

As time went on my size kept getting bigger and bigger no matter what I did. Until, this year! (2017)

After causing myself some great pain with Achilles Tendonitis and all the subsequent medical appointments to start to get my heel better I thought I should go for that test for insulin resistance (IR) recommended by my sports doctor.  I decided to get everything else checked while at it as lets face it with a starting BMI of 36, I was well and truly obese.


Fat Test results

Now I have the results!

But, before I tell you the, do you want to know what’s even better?

In the results I have a comparison to my last tests in 2015, with a lot of the same tests done in the past.

All I can say is a HUGE, “THANK YOU” to the keto lifestyle! 

Apart from the many changes I see already, there is 2 years between these tests results.  I can only imagine that many of the health markers were possibly much worse than my results from 2 years ago before starting a ketogenic diet.

To start with, I have found out I am highly IR with a measure of 59mU/ L , to give you an idea of how high that is >14 is considered highly IR.

With a reading this high I should take Metformin but have chosen to do it with diet the way it should be done. IR and Diabetes Type 2 are a dietary disorder after all!

So I have some work to do to get that to change. Basically I have a metabolic disease that makes me intolerant of foods that affect the regulation of fat accumulation and I can work to fix it.


Without going into all the boring numbers for you what I can see is that my previous fatty liver has dropped by 9 points since changing to keto. With continued intermittent fasting and low carb, I have no doubt that I will be in far better health sooner.

I have lowered so many other markers but I am still showing that my body is fighting disease or inflammation.

Basically these tests have shown me that, I need to take far better care of myself, continue on the ketogenic diet, lose weight and get more active.  At 45 years age it is definitely time to make my health better now then end up in an early grave.

Insulin resistance has caused me so many issues and if I left myself unchecked I would have undoubtedly ended up with Type 2 Diabetes had I not already been there before I went keto, because this I do not know.

Going keto apparently improves your blood sugar and fatty liver very quickly, coupled with the intermittent fasting.

I have studied and literally listened to 1000’s of hours of podcasts and videos on the subjects of Low carb, Insulin Resistance and Diabetes, and I am happy to know that I can reverse my IR purely with diet and no drugs.


Happiness with keto

So the good thing is I am ready to create loads of great recipes following this way of eating which is also good for you.  The more keto bloggers and authors the better for us all!

I will keep you updated on my plight for good inner health and of my weight loss.  I will say that already my hair is looking really healthy, my nails are growing and my skin has never looked better.

Lastly, can I say if you are anything like me in the way of just continually getting that bit bigger each year even though you try to lose weight go see your doctor and get an insulin resistance test. It’s better to do this and make changes then get very sick later on.

If you truly are anything like me then you will already know what the answer is. 

Keto isn’t a hard lifestyle, only you can make it hard.  Look after yourself and “keto on,” your body, mind and soul will thank you for it.

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  1. You inspire me so much Megan… it’s so hard and the struggle is real to so many of us. Whether we chose lowcarb for weight issues, insulin issues or just because we want to feel good about ourselves. I haven’t had massive weight loss achievements, but I feel good, less bloated and love your recipes.. the community support is pretty cool too. Your books make the ‘what’s for dinner’ easier because everything I cook is delicious:):)

    1. Sue, that is sweet and lovely to hear. I want the community and recipes to shine. If everyone is improving their health and quality of life through making healthier and tastier choices then I will be super happy.

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