I am losing weight | How Keto Saved Me

I am losing weight | How Keto Saved Me

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Hi there,

My name is Megan, the face of Mad Creations.

I can’t believe that I ever got to the size I am today.  I grew up as a skinny kid, always active, ate whatever I wanted, and never put on any weight.

Then I hit my twenties….

When I was a young girl I got my period in the very early years, under 10 years of age, and I had my first surgery for Endometriosis when I was just 18 years of age.  Twelve to fifteen years later, I would go through Menopause at only 30 – 32 years, and now at 45 I guess you could say the middle age spread, has well and truly taken place.  While I am not ready to disclose my starting weight, with this change of lifestyle, I would say that I would be one of your heaviest friends.  At 175 cm tall, I am told I wear my weight well….well, I think that’s just bullshit.  I am fat, and I don’t like it!


Fat Megan

You know, to me, it doesn’t matter what others think of me its what I think of myself.   Now I am making changes to be a healthier me and be around a lot longer (and a bit happier) with my partner of 28 years, Dave.

How did I come to start Keto?  Well that’s funny!  I had seen all these bloggers and FB groups with a Thermomix-loving Keto following.  I was contacted by a fellow blogger, and asked about my own post of a burger recipe on Fatsexythermo, called The Big Sexy.   She asked if it would be compliant for the Keto woe and if it was that she would happily feature a link to it on her Facebook group with 11k members. (11k at the time)  I was very surprised and grateful, but noted that aside from the bun there was elements that didn’t comply with any LCHF/keto lifestyle so I went about creating a new recipe.

The Clubhouse Burger was born, and so was my interest in this way of eating.  It should be noted that to date The Clubhouse Burger  is by far and away the most popular recipe I have ever created.


Mad Creations Megan Ellam

Anyway so my interest was spiked. I had studied Nutrition in another lifetime, and LCHF/keto went against everything I had learned and being a blogger I felt I didn’t want to be restricted into one genre of cooking.  I mean really I am known for Mexican recipes!  

All of my favourite foods in the world include masa, tortillas, burritos, sopes, corn chips, I mean…really…the sheer scent of a masa dough excites me, and now…now….I don’t eat any of this at all!

So my interest was spiked, yeah yeah, I was posting more recipes on Fatsexythermo for LCHF and in the meantime found out I had Achilles tendonitis, bursitis and a heel spur.  I was trying so hard to lose weight and walking twice a day everyday and I basically blew up my foot.  I was given a referral to a sports doctor to look at my foot and see whether injections or surgery would fix it.

A month later I had my appointment.  I discussed what I was trying to do in losing weight, and how I “killed” my foot.  The doctor said to me I think you may be insulin resistant (IR), and gave me another referral to have my blood checked for IR.  He didn’t stop there and asked me if I had heard of the low carb/keto diet.  Hahahaha!  Um yes!  He recommended I read The Big Fat Surprise and start an LCHF lifestyle with his parting words being make sure you don’t skimp on the fat!

So I thought about it and here I am!  4/1/2 weeks and 8.4kgs down and feeling on top of the world.  I still have so much to lose but I know that this will work for me, and it’s carbs that hold me back.

A long introduction but stay tuned for more developments and what I have been doing and eating to lose the weight, that no amount of exercise, calorie counting, or small meals more often, could do in the past.

As for my foot…no injections, no surgery, and 2 months later, I went for my first walk again today.  Did you know that tendon problems are associated with insulin resistance….

xxx Meg


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