Best Ever Keto Marinara Sauce

Best Ever Keto Marinara Sauce

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This is the Best Ever Keto Marinara Sauce!

It truly is lol.

This is a very easy recipe to recreate and is a good one to make ahead and even pop in the freezer.

Use it in your favourite slow cooked meals, with some konjac spaghetti, or on a pizza.  Such a versatile sauce.

Whenever I have a marinara or tomato sauce I really love it ladled on so, I do have to make sure that I am keeping my carbs down throughout the day.

Anyway a simple recipe for you to enjoy!


xo Meg

Meatballs in Marinara


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Meatza Pizza

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  1. Can’t wait to try this.

    PS – I think you need to change ‘sugar’ in the method to ‘sweetener of choice’


  2. Megan, it says add celery but no celery listed in ingredients?

    1. Hi Karen, thanks for letting me know. This recipe was adapted from one of my original blogs fatsexythermo. I just omitted the celery to always reduce the total carbs.

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