Double Stuffed Keto Peppers

Double Stuffed Keto Peppers
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These double stuffed keto peppers are a fabulous winter warmer.  

Stuffed peppers are a great “comfort food” meal for us during a cold winter, or when you feel the need for something delicious at any time of year.

Combining 2 fabulous recipes from the website, the Keto Meatloaf and Best Ever Enchilada Sauce are both delicious on their own and marry perfectly together in this recipe by Christine Ladewig.

Mad Creations DOuble Stuffed Keto Peppers cooked #grainfree #Thermomix #ketogenicdiet #lowcarb #glutenfree

Full of taste and oozing flavour – these peppers will ignite your night!

Individual beginnings as superb separate recipes was not enough to stop a little tinkering and the birth of these Double Stuffed Enchilada Peppers.

My husband said “(he was) amazed at the flavour combos that hit you 1 – 2 with this beauty”. Clearly he loved them haha

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This enchilada sauce is a fridge staple! I always have a jar as I use it often…it’s so easy and delicious and does well in the place of salsa. I especially like that I can make it to my preferred level of spice.


This meatloaf is by far the best I’ve ever cooked and eaten! Who doesn’t love a quick make-ahead meal on a busy day. Would also be delicious as meatballs in enchilada sauce.

Combining these two with peppers and cheese…yes please!!

There is just something about the oozing cheese when you cut them open…yum! You can also add some extra heat in the centre. I once used habanero cheese with an extra spicy batch of enchilada sauce and it was so tasty! I inadvertently got to eat the whole pan that time as it was too hot for my family members…you won’t hear me complaining 😉

If you’re a make ahead type of person, these can be assembled and stored in fridge prior to final baking time. With a bit of prep, they make for an easy weeknight meal. The searing step can be done in a fry pan, griddle or BBQ or just omitted if pressed for time.

I usually serve these on cauliflower mash or rice with sour cream or ranch dressing. They also pair well with sautéed greens.

Bon appétit! 

CL xx

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Mad Creations Guest Recipe - Double Stuffed Keto Peppers #glutenfree #grainfree #ketorecipe #winterwarmer
Double Stuffed Keto Peppers
Prep Time
1 hr
Cook Time
40 mins
Total Time
1 hr 40 mins
A delicious guest recipe from Christine Ladewig.
Course: Breakfast Lunch and Dinner
Cuisine: Australian Keto
Keyword: keto dinner, Keto recipe, stuffed peppers
Recipe Category: Low Carb
Servings: 6 serves
Calories: 539 kcal
Author: Christine Ladewig
  • 2 capsicums I used one yellow and one orange
  • 6 cubes + 1 cup shredded Jack or cheddar cheese
  • 1 batch Keto Meatloaf including all optional fillings
  • 2 cups Best Ever Enchilada Sauce
  • 1 cup cauliflower rice steamed
  1. Prepare the LCHF enchilada sauce as per recipe
  2. While the sauce is cooking, prepare the capsicums by cutting off the tops and bottoms then gently removing seeds from remaining tube shaped peppers.
  3. Cut each pepper into 3 rings.
  4. Prepare the meatloaf recipe and divide into 6 equal portions.
  5. Flatten each portion to the size of your hand.
  6. Top with a cube of cheese and form into patties.
  7. Push the stuffed patties into pepper rings.
  8. Warm the oven to 175℃.
  9. Spread 1 cup of sauce into the bottom of a cake pan.
  10. Sear each of the stuffed peppers in a griddle pan (this step may not be necessary)
  11. Place the peppers in the baking pan and top with the remaining cup of sauce.
  12. Distribute shredded cheese on top of peppers.
  13. Bake for 30 minutes or until cheese is bubbly and browning.

  14. Serve with cauliflower rice

Recipe Notes

A recipe by Christine Ladewig. This recipe can be made ahead and cooked individually or frozen.

Nutrition Facts
Double Stuffed Keto Peppers
Amount Per Serving (1 serve)
Calories 539 Calories from Fat 378
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 42g 65%
Saturated Fat 17g 85%
Cholesterol 1mg 0%
Sodium 15mg 1%
Potassium 163mg 5%
Total Carbohydrates 9g 3%
Dietary Fiber 2g 8%
Sugars 4g
Protein 26g 52%
Vitamin A 25%
Vitamin C 77%
Calcium 1.6%
Iron 1.6%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Mad Creations Double Stuffed Keto Peppers #ketorecipe #lowcarbdinners #winterwarmers

Mad Creations Double Stuffed Keto Peppers #ketomeals #lowcarbrecipes #winterwarmers
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  1. Delicious and perfect for this cold weather

  2. These are on regular rotation at our house…no matter the season!

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