Keto Peanut Butter PB&J Mousse

Keto Peanut Butter PB&J Mousse
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Even when I make lots of tasty recipes sometimes an idea in its reality surpasses the taste test more than you would ever expect.  This keto peanut butter mousse is off the charts TASTY!

Mad Creations Keto Peanut Butter PBJ Mousse 1 #glutenfree #grainfree #ketodiet_

Starting with the simplest of jams.  Who would think that 2 ingredients can turn out so perfect.  It is funny coming from someone who hated chia in anything other than a cracker or bread as something crunchy.  Originally I just hated chia when it absorbed liquid previously.  Now I am the happiest convert.  I seriously eat chia pudding more than anything now.  It is easily one of my favourite things in the world right now.

Mad Creations Keto Peanut Butter PBJ Mousse 1 #glutenfree #grainfree #ketodiet_

For those of you who aren’t into sweetener’s you can leave it out completely.  When you do blend the jam and mousse together it actually does sweetened.

I could easily eat this every meals and I kind of did eat it all up over a couple of days (with the help of Dave).

I have found it quite amazing how much my tastebuds and cravings, if you would call them that, have changed.  From someone who rarely ate any sweets (other than lollies) is now enjoying meals that are more pudding based.  I know this is probably bad for me, and I would fare a lot better eating a piece of steak or some avocado and cheese, but I ride the waves of different foods I want to enjoy for the moment.  I do have a goal for a nice flat belly for Christmas so I have to start making sure what I put in my mouth does match what my body needs.  In saying that there is nothing wrong with eating this delicious concoction.  You have to try it!

Mad Creations Keto Peanut Butter PBJ Mousse 1 #glutenfree #grainfree #ketodiet_

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Mad Creations Keto Peanut Butter PBJ Mousse 1 #glutenfree #grainfree #ketodiet_
Keto Peanut Butter PB&J Mousse
Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
2 mins
Total Time
7 mins
Just when I thought this would taste amazing it totally surprised me! Off the charts tasty! This is a must try recipe!
Course: Mousse
Cuisine: Australian Keto
Keyword: keto mousse
Recipe Category: Low Carb
Servings: 4 serves
Calories: 340 kcal
Author: Megan
Chia Jam
  • 100 g raspberries or any berry of choice
  • 20 g chia seeds
  • 220 g cream cheese
  • 20 g sweetener of choice I used Sukrin Gold granular
  • 60 g thickened cream
  • 30 g peanut butter or nut butter of choice
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  1. Add raspberries to bowl and cook in microwave for 1 minute on high.
  2. Add chia seeds and mix to combine.
  3. Pour into small bowl refrigerate for 1 hour.
  4. Mix all mousse ingredients mixer or stand mixer until light and fluffy.
  1. Add raspberries to bowl and cook 2 minutes/100℃/speed 1.
  2. Add chia seeds and mix 30 seconds/speed 6.
  3. Pour into small bowl and reserve in fridge until needed.
  4. Mix all mousse ingredients in Thermomix 30 seconds/speed 6.
  5. Layer mousse and jam in individual bowls.
  6. Refrigerate until ready to serve.
Recipe Notes

1. Recipe will keep in fridge for up to 1 week.

2. Recipe is suitable to freeze.

3. Egg can be omitted. Using a pasteurised egg is completely safe. The heat and action of whipping the egg partially cooks the egg. If you are concerned you can add 15 g of ACV or lemon juice that will also cook the egg.

4. For a nut free version you could use some tahini paste, or any other flavour in the mousse.

5. For a dairy free option please substitute coconut yoghurt for the cream and dairy free cream cheese or any soft nut cheese for the cream cheese.

Nutrition Facts
Keto Peanut Butter PB&J Mousse
Amount Per Serving (1 serve)
Calories 340 Calories from Fat 270
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 30g 46%
Saturated Fat 15g 75%
Cholesterol 121mg 40%
Sodium 233mg 10%
Potassium 209mg 6%
Total Carbohydrates 8g 3%
Dietary Fiber 3g 12%
Sugars 3g
Protein 7g 14%
Vitamin A 20.4%
Vitamin C 7.9%
Calcium 11.1%
Iron 6.1%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.


Mad Creations Peanut Butter PBJ Mousse 1 #glutenfree #grainfree #ketodiet_

Mad Creations Keto Peanut Butter PBJ Mousse 1 #glutenfree #grainfree #ketodiet_
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  1. OH WOW, made this today and it is HEAVEN on a plate. The most divine mousse i have ever eaten. Not too sweet either, so very easy to eat the whole bowl. 10 stars for me.

    1. 10 stars! Woohoo! Thanks Suzanne x

  2. Amazingly delicious!!! How can this be legal? It’s my first time eating chia seeds and I really enjoyed it. The mousse is so creamy and smooth.

    1. So glad you enjoyed Bela. As quick as it disappears you want to make it again.

  3. Hello Megan, Looks delicious! Is there something I could do to pure cream to substitute it for the thickened cream; perhaps adding gelatin? I don’t like using thickened cream if it can be avoided. Thanks, Susan

    1. Hi Susan, yes add a little gelatin as we know that is just fabulous anyway

  4. This is really great. I experimented and put a little cocao in half of the mousse, and I really prefer it without the cocao – it’s a perfect balance of flavours. I thought about not puttting the cinnamon in (as I’m not a cinnamon fan), but I put it in and you can’t taste it as cinnamon, but wow the flavour of the mousse is amazing. This is possibly one of the nicest keto recipes I’ve tried. So good

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