Keto Spiced Lamb Kofta + Mint Yogurt

Keto Spiced Lamb Kofta + Mint Yogurt
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Mad Creations Keto Spiced Lamb Kofta + Mint Yogurt is a super easy recipe to knock up and feed the family.  Even better if you have some young apprentices to do all the ball rolling.

You can serve these kofta various ways as I have including using the same mixture in a sausage roll using fathead dough.  I love making these to have in the fridge or freezer for easy meals.  They are great for a quick salad, or wrap using the Cauliflower Wraps with a little yoghurt and salad for a delicious lunch or dinner.  There is something about little spiced meatballs that I just love.

Mad Creations Lamb Kofta Fathead Keto Sausage rolls

Make these ahead for lunch boxes for a quick and easy lunchtime favourite.  Also fabulous served with some cauli tabouleh, lemon wedges, avocado and a salsa.

I hope you enjoy this very simple and tasty recipe

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Mad Creations Lamb Keto Kofta Balls

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Mad Creations Lamb Kofta Fathead Keto Sausage rolls
Mad Creations Keto Spiced Lamb Kofta + Mint Yogurt
Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
15 mins
Total Time
20 mins

These are fabulous to have on hand in the fridge to eat any time of the day

Course: Dinner
Cuisine: Greek, Keto
Keyword: keto dinner, keto Lebanese
Recipe Category: Low Carb
Servings: 4 serves (32 balls)
Calories: 297 kcal
Author: Megan Ellam
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 350 g lamb mince
  • 1 tsp cumin ground
  • 1 ½ tsp coriander ground
  • 1 tsp sumac extra for garnish
  • 1/2 tsp cayenne or chilli powder
  • 1 lemon juice and zest
  • small bunch fresh mint chopped
  • small bunch flat leaf parsley chopped
  • 200 g full fat low carb yogurt or sour cream
  • 50 g cucumber
  • lemon juice to taste
  • salt and pepper to taste
Lamb Kofta
  1. Add garlic cloves and 12 leaves of mint, and 1/2 bunch of parsley to mixer
  2. Chop 3 seconds / speed 5
  3. Add mince, cumin, coriander, sumac, 1 tsp of lemon rind, and chilli (if using)
  4. Mix 15 seconds / speed 3
  5. Remove from bowl and shape into balls, or long sausage shapes around a bamboo skewer.
  6. Cook on a medium heat grill, or frypan (use some olive oil spray) until lightly golden and cooked through. Approximately 5-7 minutes depending on preferred shape.

  1. Add cucumber, 12 mint leaves and rest of parsley to mixer
  2. Chop 4 seconds / speed 4
  3. Add yogurt
  4. 1 tsp lemon rind
  5. 1 tbsp lemon juice
  6. Salt and pepper to taste.
  7. Mix 5 seconds / speed 4
  8. Serve Kofta with Greek Salad and Dressing.
  9. Squeeze extra lemon juice over Kofta to serve and sprinkle yogurt with extra pic of sumac
Recipe Notes

This recipe would work well with beef or chicken mince as well.

Easily made ahead, and stored in the fridge 2-3 days, or in freezer up to 1 month.

Nutrition Facts
Mad Creations Keto Spiced Lamb Kofta + Mint Yogurt
Amount Per Serving (1 serve (8 balls))
Calories 297 Calories from Fat 189
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 21g 32%
Saturated Fat 9g 45%
Cholesterol 66mg 22%
Sodium 73mg 3%
Potassium 257mg 7%
Total Carbohydrates 5g 2%
Sugars 2g
Protein 20g 40%
Vitamin A 2.5%
Vitamin C 18.1%
Calcium 8.4%
Iron 10.3%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
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  1. Simple tasty and convenient.

  2. Yum! Koftas are very well spiced and sauce is zesty and light.

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