Small Business Spotlight | Pompin Bleu

Small Business Spotlight | Pompin Bleu

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In my lifetime I have worked in positions within industries helping those who are small business owners to help promote or coach how to make into a profitable business. It was always joyous seeing businesses grow and the confidence of both the men and women running their own businesses blossom.

Even today I am very much a small business supporter, especially when I have one of my own. One way that I can continue to support small business owners is by helping share them with you and my growing social media platform.

Todays business feature is Pompin Bleu and the delightful Wendy Holderness. Wendy approached me recently after watching my cooking classes on my YouTube channel. She asked me if I would wear a quirky apron in the kitchen. I am not so sure that my total quirky personality comes through in my videos and website, but let’s say if the name Quirky Cooking wasn’t already taken I may have used it lol.

I am now the proud owner of my very own Pompin Bleu apron. Thank you Wendy!

Here is a little about Wendy, and Pompin Bleu. Please check out the Pompin Bleu website below and also let Wendy know your thoughts on her beautiful designs in the comments box below.



My name is Wendy and I am Pompin Bleu.  I’m the creative soul behind all my products.  I create original and unique towel aprons as well as dabble in some crochet and household handmade gifts.
I’ve been sewing on and off since I was about 6 years old and randomly picked up a knack for many other crafts over the years.  
Pompin Bleu was created during a very down period in my life.  At age 40, I found out by accident from an elderly relative that I was adopted.  This was a complete shock to me and something that was kept from me by my entire “family” for 40 years.  I don’t want to say I spiralled, but coping with the every day was difficult considering what I’d learnt.   
Small Business Spotlight Pompin Bleu
Mad Creations Giveaway Cactus Apron
After a long period of depression, countless hours wasted on Facebook games and eventually, the blessing of finding my true family, I decided I needed a physical outlet to help overcome the lies I was told and help embrace the person that I was.  After 40 years of trying to be nothing like the people that raised me and thinking I’d done a great job, it’s quite a shock to meet your real parents and discover that you’re a younger, wonderful version of them, without having to try!  You know that nature beat nurture when you find out that your birth mother was a dressmaker when she was pregnant with you!
My physical and mental outlet of choice was hitting the sewing machine.  Originally I was going to make cute infant items but soon noted that it was a flooded and restrictive handmade market.  I looked at my life and started to think about things that I could create that would make my life a bit easier.  
In the kitchen, I hated having tea towels spread across the place when cooking, or worse, wiping my hands on my clothes.  So I started with tucking a tea towel into my pants or throwing one over my shoulder, and then started playing with making aprons with an attached towel.  
Half aprons were fairly easy to design but when it came to full, I had to take into account not just waists, but breasticles (yes, it’s a word!) and torso/neck length so that took some developing.  I didn’t want an apron that went from shoulder to shoulder at the front because that just looked unattractive, so I tweaked the bodice allowing a narrow top and width to cover the breasticles.  I found the best way I could for an adjustable neck strap and after many dummy runs, the full apron was born.  From there, I had a gorgeous woman who was of a larger size approach me to suggest making an apron for her that wouldn’t sit between her breasticles.  After a bit of back and forth, I developed a Buxom size which has a wider and longer torso, wider waist and more allowance in the neck.   
Small Business Spotlight Pompin Bleu
Wonder Woman Full Apron
The name Pompin Bleu was a definite shower moment.  Depression was a daily struggle for me so naturally this resonated as the colour and word blue which I knew had to be part of my little name.  Having a love for the colour purple, my next step was going through a colour chart to look at purple tones and their names.  Pomp and Power stood out for the right reasons. With a bit of a tweak and a fancy up, Pompin Bleu was born.
I want to say that my standard aprons will fit a size 8-16 ladies and Buxom up to a size 24 but with dodgy sizing standards in Australia, this is based on US sizing.  The best I can say to appease all is that my standard aprons will comfortably tie around a waist of about 110cm and Buxom around a waist of 130cm.  Custom aprons in larger sizes can be arranged by negotiation.
In all my photos, my standard mannequin is 90cm/35” bust, 71cm/28” waist, 97cm/38” hip.  My buxom mannequin is 122cm/48” bust, 107cm/42” waist and 97cm/53” hip.  Both mannequins have a half underskirt to fluff the aprons out a bit but are tied tight at the waist.
I pride myself on finding fun, quirky fabrics that are very easy care – machine wash, tumble dry, iron if needed.  There are some absolutely stunning aprons on the market but I like to believe that mine are that step above by not only being stunning, but incredibly functional and easy care.  Don’t be scared to use them!  That’s what they’re designed for.
I try to source all my fabrics and notions locally and every item is cut, sewn, photographed, wrapped and posted by me, right here in Brisbane. 
Small Business Spotlight Pompin Bleu
Half Flower Apron with Green Towel
Due to the fact that I can’t have my sewing machine by my side all the time, I’ve also refreshed my love for crochet.  In cooler months, I make cloche hats and some scarves but I have found a great deal of joy creating one off items.  I’ve done a couple of commissioned items as well as entered a small blanket in this years Queensland RNA exhibition, receiving the First Place Blue Ribbon for best knee rug.
Late last year, I decided to put down the tools on my Pompin Bleu aprons after realising that life was just getting too much for me and something had to give.  In hindsight, Pompin Bleu was the one thing I shouldn’t have stepped away from, so I’ve kicked my butt back into action, dug out some gorgeous fabrics and started doing what I love again.
I love what I create and adore the feedback I get from people who purchase or have been gifted my aprons.  
Due to other commitments, some of my full and buxom aprons will have a despatch date of 10 December or slightly later.  This will be detailed on the individual items and Express Post is an option.
I truly hope you enjoy my products.  I’m very proud of them and after over 5 years, creating a new apron still makes me smile.
Please feel free to contact me to make any enquiries and enjoy my products at
Wendy Holderness
Pompin Bleu
0432 022 217
Small Business Spotlight Pompin Bleu
Commissioned Custom Crochet Blanket

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  1. I am loving these aprons with the addition of the hand towell that’s so convenient!

    1. They are so cute, and yes it is nice to have your towel handy lol

  2. Have you ever added some tulle to your aprons. Looking for unique retro apron for myself and daughters

  3. Amazing inspirational story, and gorgeous aprons to boot! Thanks for bringing it to us Megan!

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