Hello, I’m Megan,

My wonderful partner, Dave, and I live half way between the beautiful beaches of Newcastle and the amazing vineyards of the Hunter Valley in New South Wales. We share our lives with a gorgeous chocolate Miniature Pinscher, Stormy, who is a little attention seeker and a fierce protector of our home. Seriously, she’s adorable.

I am very lucky not only to have discovered early on that my passions are food and photography (and Dave) but also that I have been able to incorporate them all into a growing business.

Since childhood, I have loved cooking and creating fabulous, new recipes.

 I aim to present simple, easy-to-prepare dishes that look great, are packed with flavour, and are low in carbohydrates*.

I believe that enjoying excellent food with family and friends shouldn’t mean having to spend hours in the kitchen and I wanted to share my ideas with you, to inspire and to be inspired.

Dave has been working with wood for approximately 20 years.  Making everything from bowls, custom pool cues, drum sticks, and now chopping boards.  His skills to create beautiful art and construction is astounding.  Our new range of end grain cutting boards are of superior quality and are not only functional for the busy cook, but also a beautiful addition to any household.

So, here is our website. It’s a place for Dave and I to show you our mad creations (Megan and Dave’s (MAD) Creations). It’s a place for us to connect with you.

Welcome to Mad Creations!

My interest in low-carb cooking arose from my diagnosis of insulin resistance in 2017. If you’d like to learn more about my diagnosis and how my health has improved click here.  Since starting on a low carb lifestyle Dave and I have gained an incredible amount of health.  Personally, I have lost an incredible amount of weight and feel so much better for it.  How did I do it?  I did it very simply by cutting the carbs below 20g and I ate the recipes you can see on this website and in the books I wrote while losing. I cannot put into words how much better I feel since changing to the low carb lifestyle.

Fat test
Fat Test results

Two pictures 12 months apart.  So much difference in both of us, on 2 very candid photos.

Thanks for joining us here.


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