Sugar Free Pavlova | Keto Pavlova | LCHF Pavlova

Sugar Free Pavlova | Keto Pavlova | LCHF Pavlova
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I have seriously wanted to sink my teeth into making a great keto pavlova for quite some time!

The time was right this Christmas with my beautiful new Smeg oven.  Not only do I love my recipe but man I love and appreciate my Smeg.

It is funny that someone like me, who has been blogging for close to 6 years has only finally lashed out and got themselves a very much needed oven.  When you realise that you are asking friends and recipe testers to photograph their baked goods for you to share that you definitely need a new oven.

This is not the first time I attempted a keto pavlova.  Last year with my very much dying Westinghouse oven I attempted this exact recipe and it failed miserably.  It was not crisp, it was not high, and it certainly wasn’t edible.  This keto pavlova though is perfection.

Mad Creations Sugar Free Keto Pavlova #ketodiet #ketodessert #pavlova

Keto Pavlova – not so sweet!

Even when you spoon the very thick and silky raw batter onto your tray you know this is going to work.  The mix is stiff and glossy and delicious.  You will note that I have not made this a very sweet mix at all.  I think it is far better than any pavlova I have eaten before due to the lack of that sickly sweet white sugar flavour.

Mad Creations Sugar Free Keto Pavlova #ketodiet #ketodessert #pavlova

Keto Pavlova Cooling Tips!

After the keto pavlova has finished cooking it is time to leave it in the oven and cool there completely.  This reduces the chances of cracking your pavlova, and also gives it a great crispy crust.  I even did a little video to show you how it can be re-crisped and you can audibly listed to the crispiness of the crust.

In the images you see of the decorated keto pavlova I have actually done two separate ones and stacked them with some of the lemon curd and double cream between.  Topped with berries and my delicious soft Christmas Praline.

Mad Creations Sugar Free Keto Pavlova #ketodiet #ketodessert #pavlova

Mad Creations Sugar Free Keto Pavlova #ketodiet #ketodessert #pavlova

The sweetener I have used is Sukrin Melis available only online.  Basically it is a powdered erythritol so if you do want to just mill some erythritol that will work as well.

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Sugar Free Keto Pavlova by Mad Creations #ketopavlova #sugarfreepavlova

Want a Keto Pavlova Cooking Class?

Check out the below video link to my Youtube

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Mad Creations Sugar Free Keto Pavlova #ketodiet #ketodessert #pavlova

Growing up I was never a big fan of the pavlova although I always wanted to try one of those Pavlova Egg Magic’s.  Remember them?  I know they are still available but I am not quite sure how many people actually buy them. Still this day I havent and I guess I never will.  My next test is for a Christmas Wreath and an egg free pavlova.  Fingers crossed it turns out perfect.  Anyway for now this is me.  Enjoy your keto pavlova now, or at Christmas.  I am sure it wont be made just once.

Mad Creations Sugar Free Keto Pavlova #ketodiet #ketodessert #pavlova

Oh yeah! Then there is this version of the pavlova in the Christmas Advent line up.  How delicious and a little twist on the pavlova mix too!

Mad Creations Sugar Free Pavlova #christmaswreath

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Mad Creations Sugar Free Keto Pavlova #ketodiet #ketodessert #pavlova
Sugar Free Keto Pavlova
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
1 hr 42 mins
3 hrs
Total Time
1 hr 52 mins
For many Australians there would not be Christmas without a pavlova. For keto followers we needed a great sugar free one and here it is!
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Australian Keto
Keyword: keto pavlova
Recipe Category: Low Carb
Servings: 12 serves
Calories: 68 kcal
Author: Megan
  • 6 egg whites total weight 240g room temperature add extra whites to achieve the weight
  • 1 teaspoon cream of tartar
  • 80 g powdered sweetener I used Sukrin Melis (powdered erythritol)
  • 1/4 teaspoon xanthan gum
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon vinegar plus extra to clean the bowl
To serve
  1. Preheat oven to 150℃. Line a large baking tray with baking paper.
  2. Clean bowl thoroughly with vinegar and paper towel. Dry well.
  3. Insert butterfly. Add egg whites and cream of tartar and mix 5 minutes/37℃/speed 4/MC off.
  4. Set Thermomix® to 5 minutes/37℃/speed 3 and add sweetener 1 teaspoon at a time every 10 seconds. Add in xanthan, vanilla and vinegar for rest of mixing time.
  5. Turn oven down to 100℃.
  6. Spoon meringue mix into large high pavlova approximately 25cm in diameter. Smooth sides and top to desired pattern.
  7. Cook pavlova for 90 minutes.
  8. Turn off oven and leave pavlova to cool in oven for 3 hours or overnight. Keep oven door closed.
  1. Preheat oven to 150℃. Line a large baking tray with baking paper.
  2. Clean mixer bowl thoroughly with vinegar and paper towel. Dry well.
  3. Use an electric mixer to whisk egg whites and cream of tartar until soft peaks form. Add add sweetener 1 teaspoon at a time mixing well after each addition Add in xanthan, vanilla and vinegar and mix well.
  4. Turn oven down to 100℃.
  5. Spoon meringue mix into large high pavlova approximately 25cm in diameter. Smooth sides and top to desired pattern.
  6. Cook pavlova for 90 minutes.
  7. Turn off oven and leave pavlova to cool in oven for 3 hours or overnight. Keep oven door closed.
  8. When completely cooled store in airtight container until needed. (up to 5 days)
Recipe Notes

Nutritional is based on an unfilled pavlova.  To calculate the total for a decorated pavlova simply add your topping ingredients nutritional and divide by 12.  A low carb and calorie count was achieved through using a powdered sugar alcohol that is zero carb and zero calorie.

Serve with your favourite low carb toppings.

This pavlova is not overly sweet. To re-crisp a pavlova if it goes soft: Preheat oven to 200℃. When heat is achieved turn it down to 150℃ and add pavlova for 4-5 minutes to re-crisp

Nutrition Facts
Sugar Free Keto Pavlova
Amount Per Serving (1 serve)
Calories 68 Calories from Fat 54
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 6g 9%
Saturated Fat 3g 15%
Cholesterol 22mg 7%
Sodium 33mg 1%
Potassium 78mg 2%
Protein 1g 2%
Vitamin A 4.9%
Vitamin C 0.1%
Calcium 1.2%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Mad Creations Sugar Free Keto Pavlova #ketodiet #ketodessert #pavlova

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This Post Has 47 Comments

  1. Looks amazing but I will wait for egg free 🙂
    I also have never ‘loved’ pavlova, just too sweet for me

    1. I will have that live next week Samantha. I never did get why pavlova was so popular lol

  2. Thank you Megan. If I don’t have the Sukrin Melis and at the moment cannot afford it what would I use please?

    1. Use a erythritol and powder it Carol

  3. I will be trying this recipe soon! My family just love pavlova!! Have you devised a Christmas Cake Keto recipe yet Megan? 😉

    1. This is getting worked on today x

  4. Looks great and keen to try but there appears to be some missing vinegar in the ingredients list? It only has the “extra vinegar” for cleaning the bowl…

    1. Hi Warren, it is just one tsp of vinegar in the recipe, plus extra to clean the bowl

  5. 3-hour wait! I want to devour this straight from the photo! It looks so good festive. I will try using Stevia. Do I need a silicone mat or just a normal tray?

    Thanks for sharing!👍😋

    1. A standard tray is fine. I just lined it with baking paper

  6. Do you have a recipe for the lemon curd minus the sugar. This pavlova looks smashing!

    1. HI Deidre, if you click the link the curd actually has no sweetener at all and is delicious!

  7. This is an awesome recipe, Megan. I tried making a half recipe and it cooked beautifully in just over an hour. So light and not overly sweet. I will be serving this on Xmas day happily knowing that the children will not be getting a massive sugar hit. You are a genius.

    1. Thanks so much Debbie. It is nice to know it is no sugar and still tasty that everyone wont even know.

  8. Really looking forward to making this, looks divine! Just wondering if there is a carb count, it’s missing from the Nutrition table.

    1. No there is not Marnie. The carbs for the plain pavlova as mentioned in the blog post are zero. I used a zero carb/zero calorie sweetener

  9. I have been making pavlova’s for years and I didn’t think it was going to be possible to enjoy a keto one. OMG this pavlova is everything wonderful about a pavlova. I think it actually tastes better than the original version. I have made two just to make sure !! They were both delicious and devoured with seconds being requested . I am putting this on the table for Christmas. Thanks Megan this is a winner 😍

  10. I made this yesterday, along with the lemon butter. Both turned out really well. WInning recipes indeed!

    1. Thanks so much x

  11. Well last night was the first time I have ever made a Pavolva. I didn’t realise it was that easy to make!! This recipe is divine- I made it for my Son-In-Laws 30th Birthday family dinner. Should have made two – He has ordered another for this weekend!! It was so light & fluffy & of course decadent to boot. If you haven’t made this I really recommend that you do. You will be pleasantly surprised!!

    1. I am so glad that everyone enjoyed it x

  12. As with all your recipes this one is a true hit with the family!

    1. Thanks Tania. i think this recipe is a pretty special one for sure.

  13. Can’t wait to make this – just waiting for my Sukrin to arrive

    1. When it comes make 2 lol. You end up with lots more friends when one of these is made.

  14. Oh my goodness- YUM… Thank you Megan.. You are amazing..

  15. Great recipe, Megan

  16. Love pavlova, but have to wait to get visitor as my husband doesn’t like it. Would have to eat it all by myself ☺️

  17. I think I may be a lover of pavlova after all. The lchf genius strikes again

  18. Can real sugar be used & the amount I am gluten free & artificial sugar do not agree with me.

    1. Hi Sondra, of course it can x

  19. If I don’t have powdered eyrithritol can I “powder” regular eyrithritol in a food processor?

    1. Why yes you can Claudia

  20. Thankyou Megan I made this Pav today and love it, my partner is super impressed too. This recipe is a keeper, thx again.

  21. Thankyou Megan this Pavlova is fantastic. My partner absolutely loved it too!

  22. Mine didn’t turn out crunchy outside! Was the oven meant to be on ‘bake’ setting, or fanforced? It was definitely very light though.

    1. Hi Caity, what sweetener did you use, did you use all the exact measurements, and leave it to cool completely in a closed oven overnight. With many variables it is hard to know. However if you look at the notes there is a way to re-crisp the outside very quickly. I used a fan forced oven

  23. Absoloutly amazingly. I love what Sukrin products have brought to the keto kitchens they are amazing with zero carbs. This Pav us so light and fluffy and delightful thanks Megan. I used a lime curd as I had a heap if them and was devine.

    1. Thanks Deborah. Yes Sukrin products are totally fabulous. Glad you enjoyed the pav, and I too will have to try one with a lime curd as well.

  24. Amazing.
    I thought pavlova was one of those things I’d never eat again.
    This was delicious and super easy to make. It was actually the first pav I’ve ever made. I’ll be pulling this out Xmas day.

  25. This looks amazing!! Do you think it could work to use stevia drops as a sweetener? That’s the only thing my pregnant body can tolerate these days 🙁 is granulated sweetener integral to the texture and structure of the pavlova

    1. I am not sure if it would work krysta. POssibly as a meringue as I have worked some with Sukrin clear into thin stackable meringues

  26. Made this today. Yumm. But is there a trick to getting it off the paper whole. Mine collapsed at this stage. Still tasted great though.

    1. I place my hand over the top and turn upside down and gently peel it off.

  27. Does anyone know how many days ahead you could make this please?

    1. This is better only made 1-2 days before. You can re-crisp in the oven as per recipe notes when needed

  28. Does anyone know whether this can be made 2 or 3 days before required please?

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